The Worship team works with the minister, any guest speakers, the music director, facilities, and more to put together cohesive, inspiring worship services. Their team mission is:
1. to ensure that every worship service is carefully planned and conducted so that congregants have fulfilling worship experiences and feel welcomed into the space;
2. to support the minister in providing meaningful, creative worship that invites our members forward on their spiritual journeys.

We also are committed to create welcoming experiences that create good first impressions for visitors (contact


Music Director: Elke Baitis
Music is a vibrant part of Wildflower’s spiritual expression and the Choir has been a significant part of its history. The Choir sings two Sundays a month except for the summer months and there are amazing talents in our congregants and occasional guest musicians that make for spirited special music on non-choir Sundays.  We engage in an array of music genres, including classical, folk, blues, rock, show tunes, gospel and mariachi. We invite anyone interested in joining the choir or providing music for a worship service to contact us.  Wildflower Choir is currently on hiatus

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