The Team for Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, and Multiculturalism (TARAOM) is a dynamic team meets regularly to advise, collaborate, and assist Wildflower Church and its Board of Trustees with developing strategies, programs, and best practices to better achieve Wildflowers mission, vision, and goals in becoming anti-racist and anti-oppressive through the use of a multicultural lens. Specifically, TARAOM’s sponsored programs focus on how racism and oppression show up in our interactions with one another and in our institutional systems. Additionally, this team seeks to develop increased multicultural awareness and skill in communicating across cultures, and healing from racialized trauma. It seeks to promote equity in our bylaws, policies, procedures, and practices both systemically as well as organically in our church culture and through our community engagement.

Sponsored Programs include:
Upcoming Community Potluck on June 29, 2019 – RSVP here
We hope you can join us for our Beloved Community Circle and Potluck on Saturday, June 29 from 4:00-7:00pm in the Wildflower Community Room hosted by our Team for Anti-Racism Anti-oppression and Multiculturalism

We hope to deepen our relationships and strengthen our community partnerships during our time together. We would like to share in opportunities for collaboration and learn more about what may be needed to support and sustain our Beloved Community. Please bring a dish to share if you are able to and invite a friend. We will have childcare available.

Who Are We? – Exploring Wildflower’s identity through our congregation’s individual identities
TARAOM Circle Wall
Intercultural communication series: Understanding the impact and importance of culture on connection and communication.

Equity series: Community circles dedicated to shared learning about the socio-historical context of racism in Austin, White Privilege, Implicit Bias and becoming a co conspirator utilizing tools from Courageous Conversations about Race and Undoing Racism principles.

Policy and Bylaw Review
: Promote equity throughout the church’s organizational and organic systems by reviewing our guiding documents