The Stewardship Team coordinates activities and events involved in using our time, talents, and treasure toward carrying out the many goals of Wildflower Church. They work closely with the Fundraising, Finance, and Membership Teams and with the Board Treasurer.

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Keep in Touch

Wildflower Church is growing! As we grow, we want to continue to be a caring congregation in which all people can feel they belong and they are part of a group that shares their lives in a meaningful way. We want to KEEP IN TOUCH with each other.

Our congregation – members, friends, those who have signed Intent To Join cards, and frequent visitors – has been divided into groups of about ten households by their Zip Codes. We’re calling these KEEP IN TOUCH (KIT) GROUPS, and each group has or will have a Facilitator (or Co-Facilitators). The Facilitator(s) of your group will keep in touch with you at least one time during each quarter of the year, beginning in September 2019.

You may be contacted by phone, email, in person, or personal note to say, “Hi! How are you? Do you have any joys and/or concerns you want to share with your minister, your Pastoral Care Team, or your Wildflower family? Is there something you need from our congregation that you’re not getting? Is there something you want to get involved in, but don’t know quite how to do it? Do you have a suggestion for helping our congregation live our values more fully?”

And this works two ways! We want you to know that if you have a crisis in your life, your church family is here to support you. When you celebrate a milestone, we want to celebrate and rejoice with you. Along with your minister and our Pastoral Care Team, you’ll now be part of a small group within the larger congregation to share these life events with.

We hope we can keep from letting folks “slip through the cracks,” too. In a church our size, it’s sometimes too easy for someone to drop away without people noticing it. Facilitators who make it their business to Keep in Touch have a much better chance of doing so for a group of ten or so families than with an entire congregation.

We’re excited about doing this, and we look forward to being able to KEEP IN TOUCH!

Wildflower Answers

Wildflower Answers, where you can get your questions about Wildflower Church and Unitarian Universalism, is now available every Sunday from the end of the worship service until about 1:15 pm. Stop by the Welcome Table on the south wall of the Community Room to chat and get information about volunteer activities, various groups in our congregation, how to become a member of Wildflower Church, and how to make a monetary contribution to Wildflower. We welcome you as companions on our spiritual path!