Milestone Sunday

Dearest Wildflowers,

The time has come for me to wrap up my affiliation as community minister for the church. Please join me at church on Sunday, May 19, so we can honor and celebrate our 9 years of ministry together — two when I was your intern minister and 7 as the affiliated community ministry — as well as milestones in others’ lives, such as graduations and retirements. May 19 is Milestone Sunday! I look forward to honoring and celebrating our time together. Please watch this video for more from me, and know I won’t be far away, since I will stay in relationship with the church via my leadership of the Texas UU Justice Ministry, my band Parker Woodland‘s music ministry, and my daughter’s role in the Wildflower youth group. It’s just time to make room for the next chapter for Wildflower — and for me to streamline my commitments for the sake of sustainability in my own life.

Thank you so much for these beautiful years of spiritual affiliation! I will have more to say and share on May 19th.

In love, justice and joy,

Rev. Erin Walter (she/her)

Rev Erin Walter: A message about closure for my affiliated community ministry

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