A box multiple color pastel crayons and a red heart drawn by a red pastel crayon on a white piece of paper

This month our worship services explore the topic of LOVE. 

Love for ourselves, love for our friends, love for our animals, love for our family, love for our community, love for the earth. It’s all about love.

Join us for our upcoming Sunday worship services held at 11:45 am (Zoom link is available on our website’s home page):

  • April 7 (hybrid): “I am Loved.” Interreligious readings and musical reflections on love, including excerpts from the poem “You Are Who I Love” by Aracelis Girmay, and the song “Love My Life” by Robbie Williams.  We’ll also read and be inspired by the picture book I love you because I love you by Muon Thi Van. (Speakers: Simone and lay leaders). Stay afterwards for our popcorn social in the Community Room. 
  • April 14 (on Zoom): “A Sampling of Love.” In this lay-led service, we’ll hear from three different Wildflowers who will share their perspectives on different types of love and how that love has transformed them. (Speakers: Lay Led)
  • April 21st (hybrid): The Prince Mass: “Love is the Master Plan a worship service inspired by the music and message of Prince (Speaker: Simone. Special music by Goldie Pipes). Purple or Prince inspired outfits are encouraged. Stay afterwards for our festive potluck social in the Community Room.
  • April 28th (hybrid): “Love Poems for the Earth,as we celebrate Earth Day and National Poetry Month (Speakers: Lay Led – Wild Earth Team)

During our social hour after services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays in the Community Room, look for our new table talk conversation starters prompts, to help spark meaningful conversations on the theme of the day.

Speaking of love, the covenant workshop is on Saturday, April 13, with in-person and virtual attendance options. (You may register here.) A “Covenant” is Latin for “come together” and means a “solemn agreement” or “promise from the heart.” Our covenant is one way for us to think about what Love-in-Action is and could be in our Wildflower community. Be a part of the discussion as we begin the first steps in the process of reviewing, reimagining, and rewriting our Wildflower covenant.

And, speaking of love-in-action, our 2nd offerings this season will focus on deepening our connection and relationships with the youth, educators, and families of our neighborhood and the Travis ECHS community.

And, wonderful news: our Wildflower High School Scholarship Program will reopen this spring, offering 3 scholarships for $2,000 each. (Eligibility: Travis ECHS students who are Dreamers, Refugees, or Asylum Seekers. Applications will be made available through the high school.)

Lots of love!

In closing, I leave you with the wise words of the activist Mel King:

“I believe that change is inevitable and possible. And that love is the question and the answer.
As long as there are folks who understand the power of love, I’m definitely optimistic.”

Mel King


~ Simone

Simone Monique Barnes
Director of Membership and Spiritual Life
Wildflower UU Church, Austin TX