Statement of Conscience on Racial Justice
Approved June 5, 2016


We the members of Wildflower Church declare that we commit ourselves to identifying and dismantling racism by challenging systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes that exist in ourselves, our congregation, and our community which create disproportionalities affecting people of color.

Toward this end we will examine our individual attitudes and the structures, practices, and policies of our congregation that support white privilege.

We will partner with local, state and national organizations such as Black Lives Matter, which are devoted to confronting institutional racism and promoting racial justice.

To move toward racial justice as a congregation we will:

  • Engage in anti-racism training and provide programs to the congregation such as “Beloved Conversations” and other racial justice anti-oppression awareness education;
  • Engage in activities to elevate the lived experience of people of color;
  • Stand as a diverse community in demanding systemic change;
  • Develop a policy of racial inclusion for our congregational system;
  • Commit to radical racial justice as individuals and in partnership with the work of our Social Action Committee, Adult Programming Committee, and Ministerial leadership to create an institutional culture of inclusion;
  • Be allies committed to racial justice for all.

Therefore, Wildflower Church commits to on-going congregation based racial justice work that supports living our mission and values and moves us toward our 2020 vision and beyond.

Statement of Conscience on Global Warming
Approved December 2, 2007

Life is a process of coming into and going out of existence, but our over-consumption has created an out-of-balance state that threatens the very Earth we depend on for life. We commit to doing our part to restore that ecological balance for a positive future for our children and a sustainable future for our world.

We, as members of Wildflower Church of Austin, TX, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation, declare by this Statement of Conscience that we commit ourselves, individually and as a congregation, to take what measures are within our power to reduce the negative impact of our dependence on non-renewable resources. As a UU congregation, we commit to a renewed reverence for life and respect for the interdependent web of all existence.

We will as individuals, within our power and resources, strive to:

  • Reduce our use of energy and our consumption of manufactured goods that become waste;
  • Use alternative sources of energy to reduce climate change and to encourage the development of such sources;
  • Choose the most energy efficient means of transportation that can meet our needs and abilities;
  • Reuse, recycle, and reduce waste;
  • Plant and preserve trees and native plants and choose sustainably harvested wood and wood products;
  • Reduce our personal consumption of unsustainable energy sources by 20% by 2010 or sooner;
  • Use financial resources to encourage corporate responsibility with reference to impacts on global warming;
  • Consume less, choose appliances that are energy efficient, and products that have been and/or can be recycled;
  • Commit to continue to learn and educate each other about the science and impacts of global warming and the methods of sustainable living for ourselves and the entire community;
  • Advocate public policies which will address these critical global warming issues.

We will as a Congregation:

  • Celebrate reverence for the interdependent web of existence in all aspects of congregational life;
  • Educate ourselves, our children, and future generations on sustainable ways to live;
  • Build a broader base for environmentally mindful policies and practices through congregational alliances within Unitarian Universalism, through interfaith channels, and with the secular community;
  • Plan any future facilities with green building and energy efficiencies in mind;
  • Practice environmentally responsible consumption and encourage voluntary simplicity among members;
  • Participate in Austin’s energy sustainability initiative to achieve citywide energy sustainability goals;
  • Encourage our leadership and ministry to voice the necessity of all these goals for a sustainable future for our congregation, our community, and our world.

Statement of Conscience on Same Sex Unions
Opposing Texas Constitutional Amendment #2
Approved October 16, 2005


  • As Unitarian Universalists we are fundamentally committed to respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and to justice, equity, and compassion in all relations; and
  • The Unitarian Universalist Association has a long-standing and deeply held commitment to support full equality for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people from as early as 1970; and
  • The Association, through action of its General Assembly and congregational actions, has advocated for nondiscrimination and hate crimes legislation; and
  • The 1996 General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to call for the legalization of same-sex marriage; and
  • UUA President Bill Sinkford has stated, “Laws aimed at discriminating against bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people are affronts to all people, no matter their sexual or gender orientation. …their intent is to support discrimination and make some people in our country second-class citizens. Unitarian Universalists across our country will continue our efforts, grounded in faith, which call us to support everyone’s full humanity, everyone’s ability to love, and everyone’s value in the world.”

Therefore, Wildflower Church, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation, in expression of its commitment to justice and compassion for all persons, publicly declares its opposition to Proposed Amendment #2 to the Texas Constitution, which would deny same-sex couples all forms of legal standing in their relationships by prohibiting marriage and civil unions and which could threaten existing corporate benefits for domestic partnerships.

Standing on the Side of Love Statement of Conscience
Approved December 5, 2010


  • As Unitarian Universalists we are fundamentally committed to respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and to justice, equity, and compassion in all relations; and
  • Standing on the Side of Love is a public advocacy campaign, initiated by the Unitarian Universalist Association, to promote respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person and to stand with all who believe that no person should be dehumanized through acts of exclusion, oppression, or violence; and
  • Standing on the Side of Love confronts exclusion, oppression, and violence based on identity head-on, grounded in the belief that all people deserve love and respect; and
  • The Standing on the Side of Love campaign pursues social change through advocacy, public witness, and speaking out in solidarity with those whose lives are publicly demeaned; and
  • The Wildflower Church has committed to transforming ourselves and the world around us through acts of compassion, love and social justice.

Therefore, Wildflower Church, A Unitarian Universalist Congregation, in expression of its commitment to justice and compassion for all persons, declares its support for the Standing on the Side of Love campaign and its commitment to publicly confront exclusion, oppression and violence based on identity.