Now that we’re conducting our worship services and other meetings on Zoom, we wanted to share with you some Zoom etiquette, provided by our very own ministerial candidate, Sarah Skochko! Sarah made this video for her own church, but many other churches across the country have been sharing it with their congregations because it’s so informative and funny. Enjoy!

Pastor Sarah's Tips on Church Zoom Etiquette

Following good Zoom etiquette can help us feel more connected, because it helps us see and hear each other better. Here are a few basic tips to help your church members have more meaningful calls (and connections)! Note that I did not cover the issue of children and animals making unexpected cameo appearances. My position is that children are full members of the church, and pets are delightful, and both are allowed to exist. We're having church, not a Fortune 500 exec team meeting! We affirm and celebrate regular life.

Posted by Sarah Skochko – Unitarian Universalist Minister on Monday, March 23, 2020