Fantastic News! Last Sunday, Wildflower Church voted in favor of calling Sarah Skochko as our settled minister, with an anticipated start date of August 1, 2020! And, Sarah accepted! We are so very excited about what the future brings with Sarah’s ministry!

The election had the largest turnout Wildflower has ever seen for a vote. Eighty-eight percent of our voting members cast a vote, and 94 % of those voting gave a resounding “YES!” to Sarah! We are so appreciative to the Board for all its work to ensure that everyone who wanted to got the opportunity to vote.

This is our last post on this blog, but this web page will remain up for a few months. It has been an incredible honor and a privilege to serve as Wildflower’s Ministerial Search Team. We are so grateful to the congregation for your support and participation. Thank you for everything.

Cathy, Michelle, David, Laurie, Tommy, and Libby