As we’ve mentioned before, this month is a very exciting month for the Ministerial Search Team! We received the names and ministerial records of the candidates who are interested in Wildflower Church on Thursday, January 2nd. And what a list it was! The UUA Transitions Office has advised that we not reveal too many details to you at this stage of the game. But we can tell you this — on average, most churches in this process received 5 to 10 names, and we received well above that number!

What this tells us is not just that we have a very special congregation here at Wildflower, but also that our hard work, and your hard work, in preparing our congregational record really paid off! Our record does a good job of representing our congregation, and our congregation is a place that many candidates would like to call home!

This is, of course, both a blessing and a curse! We are gratified and honored by the many incredibly talented people who have expressed an interest in us. We are also a bit overwhelmed right now, as we simply cannot conduct video interviews of everyone. We are working hard — evaluating their ministerial records, watching videos and listening to audios of their sermons, and reviewing their websites — to narrow down the list to people who we think would serve our congregation best in the coming years. They all have varying strengths, and we want to find the candidates whose strongest qualities meet our biggest needs.

In addition, of course, even with all these wonderful candidates, we could ultimately come up empty-handed. As we learn more about them, we will slowly cull the list. Meanwhile, other churches are doing the same thing, and it may be that a candidate we like ultimately chooses another church. So there is much to keep in mind as the process progresses!

Thank you for continuing to follow our progress, and please offer us a hug or a supportive word or two when you see us! And, as always, direct any questions you have to