In a typical Candidating Week, our congregation would be interacting with Sarah in a more casual, individual manner, spread over time. We’ve scheduled a number of small-group Chats to serve that purpose. However, there would typically also be a whole-church question and answer time with Sarah after her first Sunday service, and we have created a way to replicate that, as well.

This Sunday, April 26, at 1 p.m. (or shortly following Sarah’s first Zoom service with us) we will host a Q & A Zoom Webinar in order to provide a more public, inclusive, whole-community event to learn more about Sarah and her ministry. We have two key pieces of info for you about the webinar.

First, we have a special link to click on in order to access this webinar: This is not the same as the link for the worship service. After the service, you will need to log out of that Zoom room and log into this one.

Second, we want to invite all your questions for this event, but we strongly prefer them ahead of time! Libby Head, Michelle Matula, and Tommy Lukens will be acting as moderators and tech support for this event, and we won’t see or hear any of you on screen–only moderators and Sarah will appear. (This allows for a more secure, better-functioning large group event). You’ll still be able to use the “chat” feature in Zoom to ask and clarify questions, and our moderators will be monitoring the chat, but it will be best if plenty of folks can submit questions ahead of time.

So, got a question you think works well in a public forum and that you believe others would like to hear answered? Send it to the Search Team at and we will add it to the question list. And please email us also with any technical difficulties or questions about the Zoom webinar event. Thank you in advance!