Today’s blog post comes to you from Search Team member Libby Head:

Dearest Wildflowers,

I can’t tell you how excited I am about you all getting to know Sarah Skochko–and I’m sure you’ve heard that over and over from our team! I’ve been absolutely in rapture after a number of her sermons–but I want to share this sermon with you in particular. If you watch no other video of Sarah’s sermons, let this be the one you watch. It touches on biology, human connection with the natural world, the legal rights of the Earth, climate change, and beauty and mystery.

I particularly encourage the animal and plant lovers, the pagans, sort-of-pagans, and people inclined to Earth-centered spirituality, the climate activists, and anyone who’s ever felt reverence toward nature (that’s you, right?) to enjoy this joyful, moving, and humorous piece. This sermon, to me, gives you a perfect taste of what Sarah has to offer our community. “Plants” – Sarah Skochko

With warm regard and affection for all of you,

Libby Head