Join Our Community

Thinking about Becoming a Member?

If you’re ready deepen your connection to the communities inside and outside our walls, we welcome you whether you’ve been attending for a few weeks or many years. Living our mission and values can be enriching and liberating. Below you’ll find resources to learn more about us and the process of joining our community.

Learn More about Us

The Path to Membership

Attend a Wildflower Orientation

Orientations are designed for people who want to know more about the church and may be considering membership. We offer them several times a year, in our Community Room at 1314 E Oltorf St. We provide food and childcare. If you'd like to attend, please email the membership team (, even if you can't make this date. During the orientation you will have an opportunity to:

  • Get to know active and prospective Wildflowers;
  • Learn more about Wildflower’s history, mission, and governance;
  • Explore the history of Unitarian Universalism;
  • Learn how you can become involved at Wildflower.

Tell Us about Your Interests and Intent to Join

Take a few minutes to tell us about yourself by completing our PDF Interest and Intent to Join forms. It’s perfectly fine to complete the Interest form without declaring an Intent to Join. Send your PDFs to or bring the paper form to church on Sunday and give it to the minister or lay leader.

Participate in the Life of the Church

To be truly healthy, our religious community needs committed members to live into its mission. We demonstrate our values by supporting the church and serving the community outside our walls with our time, talents, and interests. Acts of caring are an essential part of belonging to this religious community. Visit the Teams page to learn more about an area of the church’s mission you may be interested in serving. To be put in touch with a team, email that team or submit the Interest form to the membership team (above).

Support the Church Financially

The church’s financial health depends on the generosity of its members. We are 100% independent and this “no strings attached” funding allows us to determine how we live out our mission, vision, and values. To indicate your commitment to Wildflower Church and its mission, please complete a Pledge Card and mail it to the church office or place it in the collection basket during worship. Because many people ask, “How much should I pledge,” we suggest you refer to the Fair Share Giving Guide. However, we welcome any contribution that you can afford.

New Member Recognition Ceremony

Once you complete the four steps above, you will be invited to participate in a ceremony during Sunday church along with the other new members. You will sign the Membership Book (the final requirement for membership), enter into a covenant with the congregation, and receive small gifts to mark the beginning of your membership at Wildflower.


Chair: Eva Andries

The Membership team has three main projects: greeting visitors warmly, helping those who wish to join become voting members, and integrating members into our community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Contact the chair at