Roots class with Marie (pre-K to first grade):

We spent our last class together of 2019 practicing The Friendly Beasts for our procession next week, which will be right at the beginning of the service. We also painted our salt dough ornaments from last week.

Seedlings class with Piaf (2nd grade to 4th grade):

For our last class of the year, we painted salt dough ornaments. It was a fun opportunity to practice some problem-solving and perseverance when some of the ornaments didn’t turn out as expected 🙂

Youth group with Solveij (5th grade & Middle School):

Our youth group decided to spend our last meeting this year planning for the future! We brainstormed for our upcoming camping trip, including a fundraiser. We practiced differed brainstorming styles (round-robin and star bursting), and came up with plans for a Family Movie Night fundraiser. Keep an eye out for more info to come!