Roots Class (K-2nd) w/Marie:

After greeting each other in this new year, Rose and Thorn time became a time for us to talk about Reverend Sarah not being our minister anymore.

The children remember making a sign for Rev Brian’s going away party. I explained that usually when a minister leaves, it’s part of a careful plan, like when we knew a long time before that Rev Brian would be leaving, and the church could plan for that, with lots of time to say goodbye and feel all those feelings, and celebrate the time we had together. Rev Sarah’s leaving is different. We did not plan for her to have a short time with us, this change came suddenly, and the grownups have a lot of feelings around this. So, something we do together as a church is make time to talk together and listen to each other about hard things, and that’s why the grownups are having a meeting this afternoon.

We are still a church. Members will help do the minister jobs, like give sermons and be there for each other. Sunday school will meet together. We will keep working together on climate change, anti-racism work, and all the powerful things Wildflowers do as a community, even when covid means we’re doing all this through Zoom. 

We are sending three very deep breaths to our community as we make new plans together, something Wildflower are very good at.

Combined Seedlings Class (3rd-5th) & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Piaf & Solveij:

We greeted the new year with our usual check-in and shared any New Year’s traditions that our family has. Then we held an open space for kids to ask questions and share thoughts and feelings about Rev Sarah’s departure. As with the new beginning of the 2021, our congregation is also having a new beginning as we transition to being lay-led. Please let me know if your child / youth is interested in participating in the services this year, either live on Zoom or with a pre-recorded video contribution.

After refreshing our memories on the 7 UU Principles we’ve focused on preciously in RE, we discussed the proposed 8th Principle, which states: We must work together for diversity and against racism and oppression. Where do we see overlap with the existing 7 Principles? Why might the 8th Principle be needed despite the overlap? The kids came up with several ideas about what such a principle could accomplish & possible reasons why it hasn’t been formally adopted yet, despite having been proposed in 2013. We’ll continue to think and share around this idea in the weeks to come.
Finally, we ended with a game.