Roots Class (K-2nd grade) w/Marie:

This week we continued thinking together about listening to nature as part of our UU identity. The Other Way to Listen by Byrd Baylor is such a very quiet, special book, one of my very favorites. I would recommend bringing it home from the library or finding a read aloud on you tube. You can read more about how her work- both on the page and off- can inspire all of us- here: 

Byrd’s advice for connecting with nature tells us “go get to know one thing as well as you can. It should be something small. Don’t start with a mountain. Don’t start with the whole Pacific Ocean. Start with one seed pod or one dry weed or one horned toad or one handful of dirt or one sandy wash.” In that spirit, we put on our snorkel gear and dove off the coast of South Africa watching a clip from the beautiful documentary My Octopus Teacher, getting a glimpse of the joy the filmmaker found in visiting with an octopus every day for a year.

Wishing you deeper connections with nature this week and always!

Seedling Class (3rd-5th grade) w/Piaf:

This week we continued our theme of Deep Listening with a mystery sound game and a discussion of International Coming Out Day. How could we use deep listening to be a good friend or ally to someone who is choosing to come out to us? After an interesting discussion on this topic, we played our listening / drawing game from last week by popular demand 🙂

Wildflower Youth Group (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

Today the Youth Group played a youth-group favorite, Mafia, and brainstormed for our mural project! The word they chose is equALLity, and each youth will focus on creating and/or painting a letter to represent social justice messages and expressive symbols that are important to them. Youth can also brainstorm on powerpoint and add videos, articles, thoughts, or other content that interests them to our group pallet.