Roots Class (pre-k to first grade) w/Marie:

We’re welcoming grownup helper Cory to our class today. Cory is a first grade teacher and new member at Wildflower and we’re so glad to have you. Thank you for leading the children in a fun greeting this morning- bonjour and high five! 

This morning I read the children I Can Do Hard Things by Gabi Garcia, one of the books recently gifted to our class from John Davenport. We’ll talk more next week about the concept of being mindful/ to be aware of what is happening right now- and affirmation as a statement about yourself that is supportive, helpful, or motivating to you in some way. 

Thank you Cory and John for being part of the Wildflower community that supports our Roots class.

Seedling Class (2nd – 4th grade) w/Piaf:

Today we checked in about the conversation that we had last week in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement and policing. What new questions or ideas arose for you this week? The kids had a lot to say about racism and why some people seem to not have recognized it before this moment. We also talked about how this is Reverend Brian’s last Sunday with our church and shared some of our memories of our time with him. Finally, we created a digital card to send to him via email. We found that drawing using a mouse or trackpad was quite challenging and in some cases led to remarkable humorous results. It feels so good to laugh with friends as we prepare to say goodbye to a cherished member of our congregation!

Wildflower Youth (5th & Middle School) w/Solveij:

Today the Youth Group checked in, played a game, and chose to read a presentation together as part of continuing our conversation about anti-black racism and anti-racism. The presentation was geared toward the Latinx community, and talks about Afro-Latinx folks and the history of policing in the U.S.