On 5/16/21, the Wildflower Board appointed a Task Force to develop a reopening plan. The Reopening Task Force is made up of Dee A., Paula V., Adam H., Sarah R., Cathy C., and Alyxis D. The group is meeting bi-monthly to discuss different possibilities. An opening date has not been set yet, but that decision will be publicized as soon as it is made. And, since we rent our space, any decision will be made in collaboration with Faith Presbyterian Church.

The Reopening Task Force has set forth the following Promises and Values:

Our Promises

⬩ We will do all we can to not put people’s lives at risk while at Wildflower. 

⬩ We will use only vetted up-to-date medical and public health information from reliable sources to make decisions.

⬩ Beyond science, we will base our decisions upon our mission, our values, and the Seven Principles.

⬩ We will obey the laws and guidelines set by the State of Texas and guidelines given by the CDC. 

⬩ We will be transparent with the congregation and consider the congregation’s input. 

⬩ We will apply all recommendations consistently, not making exceptions for individual desires, organizations who use our space, a person’s status at Wildflower, or a decision’s financial impact.

Our Values

Safety. We value the safety of everyone who attends and works at Wildflower, as well as the safety of every person that they are in contact with. In sum, we value the safety of everyone, everywhere, of any age, both inside and outside our congregation. 

Inclusivity. We are committed to finding ways for all members/friends to be included, regardless of health status, health vulnerability, or disability. This may mean that we offer a multiplatform approach that reaches out to people in different ways. Many people may not be able to gather in person for quite some time due to various reasons. As a community that values inclusion, we don’t want to create in-person situations that inadvertently exclude those at higher risk or who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic, nor do we want to create situations that force those at higher risk to publicly identify themselves. 

Transparency. We are committed to communicating clearly at all times with the congregation and visitors regarding what they can expect at any church gathering in terms of cleanliness policies, social distancing policies, mask policies, vaccination policies, and technological options. 

Patience. We value patience over hurriedness. While many of us are eager to see our church friends again in person, we know that patiently examining the pros and cons of each option before implementation is more important than rushing things.

The Task Force conducted a congregational survey in June to determine members’ needs and preferences around reopening our campus. We are busy reviewing those responses, as well as current health guidelines and projections regarding the Delta variant of Covid-19. We’ve also asked the Communications & Tech Team to work with members of Faith to determine what technology we need to have multi-platform worship services and team meetings. The Task Force continues to meet bi-monthly, and next steps include developing procedures for in-person events.

For questions or concerns, contact the Board at board@wildflowerchurch.org or the office at office@wildflowerchurch.org.